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Jacaranda Productions, is a production and locations services company located in Marrakech, founded in 2011 by Jimmy ABOUNOUOM a filmmaker with more than 30 years of experience in film production. Jacaranda provides a full range of services that will facilitate your production needs.

Our local “know how” cuts costs by eliminating bureaucracy and makes the impossible, POSSIBLE! No matter what your needs are we will meet them. Our professionalism will save you time and money. 

 Jacaranda‘s relationship with the authorities and governments gives us an advantage regarding permits and clearings.

 Jacaranda owns a facility studios space in Marrakech with a sound stage and large warehouses full of props, costumes and facilities equipment to serve movie in and outside of Morocco.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or location pictures  from our library for your upcoming project

As Production Manager, Location Manager, Assistant Director and Art Director I have over 30 years’ experience working  on Features Films, TV Series, Commercials, Docudrama, Documentaries, Corporate Films, Music Videos and Stills Photography. I have a thorough working knowledge of the country and its logistics.

Over the years I have established and nurtured a wide network of contacts within the local authorities and have friends across Morocco. These local contacts, acquired through many shoots, often help me to bypass red tape and short cut into tricky or difficult locations with a minimum of fuss, while still observing the rules.

I am familiar  with all aspects of the service production process as I worked my way up the ladder from Extra to Casting assistant, to AD to location scout/manager to Art director and on to production manager/line producer. My hands on experience makes me a good team player and able to delegate with authority.

My priority is to get my client the shots they need while providing maximum safety for cast and crew and always respecting the environment and local people. It is a revolving door business, I always treat my contacts with the utmost care and “that way the door is always open to come back.” This is a practice that has proved itself again and again over the years.