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Jacaranda Productions is an established film production and location services company,
registered in Morocco and located in Marrakech. Formed in 2011, by Jimmy Abounouom and
Sana El Kilali who brought together their many years of diverse experience in the industry.
Experienced in all sizes of budgets for feature films TV, and commercials. Jimmy Abounouom is also the co-founder of Dune Films who is one of the leading company of the film business in the market.
Both Jimmy and Sana has built up an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients and has been the
executive producer for over 50 feature films and television dramas. It has also been involved in
over 150 commercials, documentaries and video clips. Sony Studios Brazil, Netflix, NBC Universal,
BBC, Zara, Audi, Shell Vivo Energy…etc


From big budget films to digital documentaries, Jacaranda is dedicated to making your production one that is both cost effective and time efficient.

With the help of our highly skilled, experienced and multilingual crew, we are committed to finding appropriate solutions for the most demanding challenges of your production needs.

Jacaranda provides international productions the essential tools necessary for a successful and cost-efficient shoot in Morocco.

When you need a service provider in an unknown country, it is important to work with a secure and trustworthy

• Over 30 years experience of full production and location services

• Facilitation in obtaining government authorizations and shooting permits

• Facilitation in obtaining permission to use Moroccan military equipment and personnel

• Ensuring import and export operations with its own customs agreement

• Multilingual, experienced film and construction crew.

• Location permits & authorizations

• Large range of latest lighting and grip equipment

• Trucks and facility vehicles; i.e. American trailers, make-up & costume trailers, honey wagons…etc

• Casting: the largest files of international and Moroccan professional actors

• Rental and manufacture of props and costumes • Language skills: English, French, Arabic, Spanish and German

Everything You Need In One Place

Production Offices 600 m2

Workshops for wardrobe props Sfx construction and set dressing

Warehouses 16.000 m2

Sound Stage 800 m2

Trailers for Actors

Facility trucks

Camera equipment

Lighting equipment

Grip equipment

Happy Clients

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Douar Ouazzou CM Harbil, Al bour 40 000 Marrakech
tel +212 524 35 66 56
Tel/fax: +212 524 33 54 86

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